Best Audio Video Converter For Android

Today we are introducing new app.This app have taken the development of Video Converter Android from the original developer. We’ll ensure Video/Audio Converter (aka Video Converter Android 2) continue to be the best video converter on Android.Based on the popular Video Converter Android app, Audio and Video converter android (aka Video Converter Android 2) will strive to be the best video/audio converter on Android. It supports a wide range of input and output video/audio formats. 


-convert from many commonly used video formats to video files playable by Android default player (default profile)

-convert to mp4, h.264, avi, mpg, flv, wmv, mov, mkv, asf, m2ts, webm from most commonly used video formats

-reduce video file size to send out through SMS etc (reduce size and min size profile, premium only)

-convert video while keep original video quality (keep quality profile, premium only)

-manual mode to specify video bitrate, arbitrary resolution, audio bitrate, codec etc.

-extract audio from videos, convert mp4 to mp3 or other video formats to mp2, wav/pcm, mp3, aac, wma, flac, ogg (audio only profile)

-rotate audio in arbitrary angle (rotate profile)

-remove audio from videos (video only profile)

-convert audio files to mp4/m4a/aac, mp3, mp2, pcm/wav, flac, ogg (vorbis) etc (audio only profile)

-convert animated gif to video

-organize your video and audio files

-share video/audio files.


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